Aperture Priority Shooting

Aperture defined as the lens opening size as pictures are being shot is measures as f-stops. If the number of f-stops is low, the lens opening is large implying more light into the camera sensor and when the number of f-stop is large, the lens opening is small hence less light gets into camera’s sensor. Aperture is used to control the picture’s focus. The larger the f-stop the bigger the field’s depth and hence more focus that results in clear pictures.If you taking a picture with priority mode as aperture it’s an automatic set of the shutter speed and ISO by the camera after you set your aperture. Always remember that, if you would like automatic setting of the ISO, keep settings on auto mode. In order for you to get the settings to auto, press on ISO button then holding it back use a dial in black at the cameras top to get the settings to auto. If you would like to change aperture, the same process applies for adjusting.