Desiree Dawn Events is a full-service wedding planning studio based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Committed to keeping a boutique style of business, DDE offers eco-chic design inspiration and custom coordination for her clients in Florida’s most beautiful locations.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:
I was taught to always bloom where you’re planted. Told that I have big feet because God gave me a solid foundation to do big things. I’m the youngest of five and I was raised by two of the most unconditionally loving and creative people I’ll ever know: an engineer and an artist who truly let me spread my wings. I’ll never fully understand how I got so lucky. Apparently, I’m a true Sagittarius: optimistic, enthusiastic, open and honest. A little blunt, aloof and restless. And I think that’s great! I use humor and sincerity to express myself. I love the details that go into a clever and thoughtful wedding day. The flowers, stationery, and location all speak of who the couple is going to be. But if I’m truthful, it’s their story that inspires me. I adore my own love story. I saw him at lunch, said hello first, brought home a puppy and got married some time later. Today, that guy at the salad bar and I spend our days playing fetch with our dog in the backyard of our little yellow house in West Palm Beach. I’ll never fully understand how I got so lucky.

What is your favorite wedding blog to frequent (besides our awesome photography of course)?
Floridian Weddings (surprise, I’m a co-editor!), Southern Weddings, Ruffled Blog, The Everygirl, Camille Styles…I’m a blog junkie so this list could literally go on forever…

How would you define your style.
Fresh and modern with touches of southern vintage charm. I love natural light, live music, and extended cocktail hours. I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not the go-to “South Florida style” planner: I could do without up-lighting, buffet lines or formal plated dinners, and super tall arrangements dripping in crystals. I’d rather see some cafe string lights, tons of passed hors d’oeuvres or family style dinners, and small bud vases filled with locally picked or seasonal blooms or lots of candles and lanterns.

Describe your dream wedding to work with.
After hiring your dream photographer make a list of the three most important aspects for your wedding day. You may want to consult family for this, you may not;)

My top three criteria for a successful wedding (after photography and planner!) are location, catering and entertainment. Closely after are décor and ambiance. If you select a beautiful venue, minimal décor is needed. When you choose an awesome live band, the ambiance is set. And catering…my heart. Please serve food that reflects your taste. When you go on a date, would you choose a buffet of chicken and rice or would you find the best burger joint in town? Do you love your local brewery? Then serve more craft beers than ‘domestic’. The dessert that makes your heart skip a beat…serve that bread pudding rather than cake! It’s a simple way of adding personal touches to your wedding…sans tag or sign!

Who is your perfect client, what would they be looking for and why would you guys click?
Great question! My ideal client is someone that finds me and hires me because they value my work and trust my expertise. I’ve found that the clients who approach our consultations like an interview process work out the best. They are trying to sell their dream wedding to me and in turn I’m trying to sell my experience to them. I don’t feel the need to do every wedding in Florida…that can’t happen. I want to focus on clients who appreciate my style as their own and that understand that my recommendations are in their best interest. Also, I have such a heart to make things as ‘eco-friendly’ as possible without sacrificing style and I adore my clients that “get” that! Furthermore, a gracious client really gets the best of me.

Fill in the blank … “I love my job because ____”
It equates to daily doses of fulfillment and pride. I enjoy befriending clients and other professionals, like Melissa & Jess! I feel continuously blessed and honored to be a part of so many special days.