Tiffany + Chad, Pier Sixty-Six Fort Lauderdale {Wedding}

Tiffany and Chad had a beautiful wedding at Pier Sixty Six in Fort Lauderdale:)We were so excited when the rain held off just long enough to get portraits outside in the gardens of the hotel. According to the weather on our phone it was literally raining everywhere BUT the hotel (lucky us). Their reception was on the top floor of the hotel that gave a 360 degree view of Fort Lauderdale.
We loved capturing Tiffany + Chad’s day and their love story, hearing the personal stories and warm toasts given by family, and the sweet ceremony that was led by Tiffany’s dad! Tiffany + Chad, you both are so incredibly sweet together and we wish you all a lifetime of happiness! We hope you both had a great honeymoon and you enjoy some of our favorites from the day:)


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The beginning of a new Journey …


In my head I’ve thought of how to write this post 1,000 different ways, and yet isn’t it always true when faced with the moment sometimes your words escape you. Five years ago, Jess and I started SFP on a dream, hard work, determination, and a will to succeed. We were in our mid-20′s, we had both just had some pretty bad break ups from long term relationships we simply weren’t happy in, and it was just one of those moments where you stop and think “what am I doing and what makes me happy”. We were practically killing ourselves at our corporate job, working crazy hours for tiny paychecks and “experience”. It was exhausting, frustrating, and all around life-draining (haven’t we all been there before). We decided to start our own business together on one of those nights that you’re just fed up with every day life and it was almost surreal how much things came together in those next 6 months, to shooting photo shoots together, to editing, to finding our style and vibe … we found it together. And for all those individuals (and other photographers) out there that struggle to make it on their own, I can personally tell you that I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without Jess and I know if you asked her she would say the same thing. Because when we had rough days we were there for each other, when expenses came in we split everything 50-50, everything is so much more fun when you’re doing it with one of your best friends. So we traveled the world, we shot weddings all over the place, Jess got engaged and married and now TOMORROW her husband comes home and I can’t be more thrilled for her to begin her life with him. My luck with love changed in October when I met my current boyfriend who assures me everyday when things happen for the best they that they are “God things” and in many ways I do believe him, everything happens for a reason when it’s meant to be. Had someone told me in the first grade that little Jessica Johnson with big bows in her hair would one day grow up to be my business partner and best friend I probably would have called them a big fat liar.


A few months ago, Jess and I sat down and talked about the future and we decided that the best thing to do this year would to be to transition to our own photography companies. So it is with my excitement that I introduce both: Melissa Enid Photography and Jessica Bordner Photography. We want everyone to know that as sad as we are to see this epic journey come to an end and watch our lives move in different directions, we are both happy, supportive, and excited for the other. As I mentioned before Jess’s husband is coming home from serving in the Navy and she is excited to begin her life with him. I on the other hand spend most of my free days in the Orlando area and hope to continue to pursue more business in central Florida. We have a full Fall schedule together with Stay Forever Photography weddings as well as weddings in Spring 2015, so this by no means will be the last Stay Forever Photography post. As we both transition to our new ventures, finding our own style, growth, and direction we each choose to go we hope that you will continue to follow both of us on Facebook, Instagram, and enjoy our own future blog posts. As always we appreciate your continued love and support!

And to Jess, I’m so happy for you, for you and Mike, and I’m excited to see what this next Chapter in life brings for us both. I could not have imagined going on this journey these past five years with anyone else. You have been the best navigator/co-pilot on all of our adventures, the google master when it comes to finding basically anything, my comedic relief at the end of a long day, my flash carrier because my bag is always too small, calendar maker and all around organizer, tax teacher, business partner for all of our crazy + wild dreams, and one of my very best friends. I know this is not the end of anything for us, but merely a beginning to the next part of our journey. xoxo





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karen yoder - Congrats to both of you! I absolutely love your work and I am so excited for both of you on your new ventures!

Anna - you two are amazing and know you’ll find continued success!! cheers to a great journey…

Candice - I cried reading this… so much love!Best wishes to both of you!

Dustin + Randi, Jupiter Engagement

After a rainy day cancellation we were excited to meet up on a much nicer afternoon with Dustin + Randi at Dubois Park in Jupiter Florida. We had so much fun with them exploring the many areas of the park. When Dustin drove up singing some Dierks Bentley I knew we would be friends, plus as I mentioned to him I used to have a horse named Dusty so Dustin/Dusty I was excited that I actually remembered a name during one of our engagement shoots:)

They are such an adorable couple and have so much fun together, as an added bonus they were willing to do just about anything we asked. Thanks for being all-around awesome you guys! We hope you enjoy some of our favorites:



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