Kim & Chad, Singer Island {Wedding}

We had the most amazing time at Kim & Chad’s wedding. They got married at St. Clare Catholic Church which is actually connected to the elementary and middle school that Jess and I met and attended from Kindergarden to 8th grade! It was quite the flashback being back in the church! After the wedding guests headed over to the Marriot Singer Island for cocktails and appetizers. We explored the property with the bridal party and bride and groom and the day was absolutely perfect. Kim & Chad wanted everyone to feel as if they were dining at a gourmet restaurant for their wedding and the family style table set ups they had just completed everything perfectly.

Kim & Chad, you guys are so wonderful and it was a pleasure getting to capture your beautiful wedding day! We hope that you enjoy some of our many favorites from your amazing wedding:)



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Billy & Chelita, The Addison {Wedding}

Jess and I were reunited this August for the beautiful wedding on Billy and Chelita! The ceremony and reception were held on a beautiful Friday at The Addison in Boca Raton. This was our first time shooting at this venue and we are excited to be back this spring for a few more weddings at this lovely venue. Chelita was a STUNNING bride and smiled the entire day:)Her son Bryce also played a big role in the wedding walking her down the aisle and serving as ring bearer. We loved all of the colors Chelita chose for her wedding (especially the gold) peaches and mints. Her flowers were amazing and the centerpieces fit beautifully. It was so wonderful getting to know you both and hearing the stories of how you both met at a wedding and then doing long distance for so long. We wish you the best in your marriage and we hope that these pictures bring back memories from your amazing wedding day. Hope you enjoy some of our favorites!



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Jorge Hernandez - Great working with you on this weeding and the images are amazing!

Looking forward to seeing you at another wedding.

Jorge Hernandez
Vision DJs

Shanna & Russell, Marriott Singer Island {Wedding}

We had a wonderful time photographing Shanna & Russell’s beautiful Marriott Singer Island wedding. We knew the rain was coming so we hurried to the beach for the first look and we are sure glad we did because as soon as they saw each other here came the rain! The ceremony was moved inside the ballroom because of the weather but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time! Shanna + Russell we hope you enjoy some of our favorites from your beautiful wedding:)



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Danielle and Devin, Styled Engagement with Colt & Coop

We had the most perfect night with Danielle and Devin at our favorite orange grove spot:)The session was styled by Colt & Coop Supply & Design and Lindsey did a great job carrying couches with us through waist deep grass (you rock!). Danielle and Devin are so adorable together and it was ridiculously hard to pick favorites from this session. We are so excited for their amazing wedding next February at the Addison Hotel:)Here are some of our favorites from their amazing engagement session … first off the bling:)



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Essie & Josh, Bear Lakes Country Club {West Palm Beach, FL}

One of my very best friends from high school got married to her love on the most perfect day last weekend. I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid along with some of her friends and family and I’m so thankful I was able to do some shooting and also enjoy her wedding while Jess shot the majority of the wedding solo:)We spent the day getting ready at the Marriott downtown before heading downtown to the church. The church service was so sweet and emotional and it’s just a different perspective being a guest and standing there holding flowers (and not a camera) as the bride comes down the aisle. After the church service the celebration began at the Bear Lakes Country Club. The room was decorated in beautiful blush and cream and I loved the soft vintage look of the reception.

Essie, we’ve been friends for more than a decade and I felt so honored to be apart of your wedding. You were the most beautiful bride and I am so happy for you that you found someone who loves and respects you so much. I have really enjoyed getting to know Josh over the years and seeing how great you both are together. I know the future will bring you both lots of happiness and your marriage will only continue to grow. It’s kind of only fitting this post is on Cinco de Mayo, so I hope you enjoy these pictures over some delicious margaritas and chips-n-salsa … I mean you do have a rocking platter for that now;)Love you guys and without further ramblings about our super awkward high school memories and the super sappiness that would unveil, here are some of Jess’s favorites from your day. xoxo  PS: your welcome for not including any high school pictures on this post, I know you may have been a tad bit worried:)Love ya!
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